dreamstime_1478634Pits require extra maintenance to keep clean and free of harmful debris which can interfere with moving or mechanical parts. We can remove that debris, clear standing water and repair water damage, as well as degrease/clean and maintain all surfaces. Also having pit lights that work and have cages on them make it even safer, and YOU WONT fail for inspection for the light! Doing these simple tasks will take the possibilities of fires, or breakage out of the equation.

Consists of the following but are not limited to:

  • All garbage is removed
  • We scrape any and all grease from the bottoms of all 4 rails (counterweight and guide rails)
  • We scrape all grease and oils from under the counterweight cage
  • Vacuum the entire pit inch by inch
  • Clean out the door track of the lobby by scraping, chiseling, and vacuuming it out
  • All pits will be washed down and sanitized. (except dirt pits)
  • Pits can optionally be painted(non dirt pits)
  • Basement or lobby shaft way door will be completely wiped down and degreased from all oils and dirt
  • Water removal
  • Fix or replace any broken light fixtures. We can also install a new power and light fixture combo by request

* OPTIONAL – Concrete patching; replace broken, cracked or missing bricks or blocks.