Motor Rooms

iStock_000002931917SmallWe offer a wide variety of motor room services, please contact our sales and service department to speak with someone about scheduling an appointment to come and look at one of your rooms.

The machine room is a very important place to have clean and safe. The door must be self-closing and lockable with a specific key to prevent unauthorized entry.  It must also have appropriate signage – Authorized Personnel Only and No Unauthorized Goods to Be Stored. Remember, the elevator machine room is not for storage. Code requires that proper lighting is installed for both the elevator controller and the machinery. Also, installation of emergency lighting in case of power outages is advisable and an emergency telephone is recommended for all machine rooms. If space is available, consider installing a fire-rated small desk/bench and chair for the technician to spread the schematic drawings out for ease of reading. Appropriate furnishings make the work environment friendly for the mechanic and will go a long way to encourage excellence in the preventative maintenance performance.

Keeping dust and dirt down is important for elevator equipment. As mentioned previously, install filters over the ventilation systems in the elevator machine rooms. If renovation work is performed in a building, such as gypsyrocking / sheetrocking of walls, the transportation of construction materials in the elevator can create a great deal of dust and grim falling down the hoistway.  Make sure building contractors do not overload an elevator, and include a post-renovation cleaning of the elevator installation in the price of the renovation work, as a lot of damage can result from construction residue infiltrating the elevator system. Unfortunately, this requirement is also too frequently missed.

We offer:

  • Complete motor room makeovers
  • Complete degreasing and big cleanouts
  • Floor and wall repair
  • New lighting installations
  • New fan or installations
  • Restoration work
  • And much more…


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