Hoistway Cleaning

dreamstime_17675382We offer a wide variety of hoistway services, please contact our sales and service department to speak with someone about scheduling an appointment to come and look at one of your elevator hoistways.

The hoistway (or elevator shaft) is the main area where the elevator travels.

The elevator hoistway is truly the forgotten section of any building. More often than not, the elevator hoistways are dirty and forgotten. This section of the building includes the elevator pit, which can include dampness or even water ingress. It can also include dirt, debris, garbage, and personal affects, such as money, credit cards and lost keys. Hoistway maintenance must also include the car top and even the underneath of the elevator car. Note with cable elevators, located under the car is a key component of the elevator safety. Dirt and debris gathers behind the doors, all hidden and out of sight and out of mind.

Consider the elevator operation for one minute… The elevator goes up and down, often nonstop. It sucks the air in from floors and then blows the air out at other floors in both the up and down directions. There was a time when air conditioning systems were proven to affect the health of tenants in commercial buildings, and over time these systems have been upgraded to take these health effects into account. With the constant movement of elevators, the large-scale transfer of air from floor to floor and the unhygienic conditions of the hoistway and elevator pit, it is no wonder we are vulnerable to infectious disease and other health concerns. Imagine fumigating hospital corridors and hallways and ignoring the inside of the elevator hoistway.

Garbage left in the elevator pit, or fluff and dirt gathered the full length of an elevator hoistway, can also pose a serious fire hazard. Behind the doors, dirt and grime accumulates and is seldom cleaned. For both reasons mentioned, health and fire, the elevator hoistway should be kept meticulously clean.  Building maintenance budgets and the preventative maintenance contracts/agreements for elevators should allow for these costs on top of the fair wear and tear cleaning due to environmental conditions.

We offer:

  • Complete hoistway cleaning
  • Hoistway wall patching and repairs
  • Complete rail degrease for change over from guide shoes to guide rollers
  • Hoistway wall painting
  • Pit painting, waterproofing, water removal
  • Pit pouring, patching and repairs
  • And much more…

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