Escalator Cleaning

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Whether you want your escalators cleaned on a regular basis or just as a one off, we can arrange for the cleaning of escalators almost anywhere in the USA. We use the latest technology for thoroughly cleaning escalators at very competitive prices. We can clean your escalators out side of trading hours preventing disruption to your normal business. Contact us to for a free estimate where we can discuss your precise requirements.

We utilize the productivity of one of the only machines in the world that simultaneously cleans both the steps and risers while dispensing a GREEN cleaning solution in a safe metered manner. In fact there is no other machine that even attempts to clean the risers. The only comparable alternative other than our service is that of having your maintenance company to dismantle the entire escalator, take it off-site to power wash, and then re-assemble it. This will give you a similar end result, but it’s an extremely expensive process that usually costs in the range of $10,000 per an escalator. In addition the escalator would be out of service for up to a week.

During the initial cleaning, our service will deep clean the steps ad risers of an average escalator (1 floor – 70-80 steps) in less than 6-8 hours. This first cleaning will always be the longest because the escalator is usually at its dirtiest state from years of neglect, and or improper past cleanings. Subsequent cleanings will require a shorter cleaning cycle and hence less time. Our cleaning method avoids solvents and moisture being leaked into the interior of the unit that can eventually cause a breakdown of the lubricants that keep the unit running smoothly. What used to take several days, even weeks to complete, we can do in the span of eight hours. In this short time, we are able to thoroughly clean your escalator or moving walkway and leave it dry, and ready for immediate use. Casper Elevator & Escalator Cleaning has a superior service through the introduction of a unique, purpose designed automatic escalator scrubber/drier. The machine has been manufactured specifically for thorough and comprehensive cleaning of escalators.


  1. CORROSION CONTROL – If your escalator is left un-cleaned, oily, grease and dirt covered it will eventually impregnate the actual aluminum and compromise the integrity of the metal. When this happened, the aluminum will lose its luster and look much older and worn out than its actual age.
  2. SAFETY – Clean your escalators and removing sticky or slippery material can reduce the number of slippage incidents. Although there will certainly continue to be accidents, establishing a regular maintenance cleaning program could potentially eliminate any chance of punitive damages from a lawsuit. This will make your risk management and liability department much happier.
  3. MAINTENANCE COST – Although it is impossible to quantify, conventional wisdom dictates that all things being equal, a clean escalator will require less maintenance than a dirty escalator. Traditional escalator cleaning generally involves dismantling the unit by removing the steps and having them cleaned and or power washed off-site costing somewhere in the upper thousands. Our methods do the same service, but for nowhere near the cost of off-site cleaning and having downtime for your escalators.
  4. APPEARANCE – By enhancing the overall appearance and cleanliness of your escalators, you will experience fewer problems with surface incidents and have no complaints of dirty escalators. Your steps and risers are the first thing people see when walking towards your escalator, don’t let the dirty appearance spoil the look of your facility.

Our escalator cleaner cleans by doing what no other machine can do, it is fitted onto stationary escalator, sprays a measured minimal amount of chemical solution onto the step and riser, which is then agitated onto the surfaces by brushes that are too soft to cause any damage to either the aluminum or anodized and painted surfaces, but hard enough to remove tough dirt and grease. The GREEN chemical has been specifically formulated for use on ALL types of escalators. Dirt is removed by chemical action combined with gentle and effective friction, as the brushes serve to transport the dirt onto a collection tray from where it is removed by vacuum to a holding tank.

The escalator surface is left clean and dry with no risk of contamination to lubricating oils in escalator drums or damage to electrical circuits. During the cleaning process the machine operator and there assistant removes all embedded foreign matter; which could damage the escalator combs and steps. An important aspect of this cleaning process is that all sand, dirt and spillage which would normally have combined with oil and grease to form a grinding paste in the escalator mechanism, are completely removed.

Of course you can always try to clean the escalator by hand. Certain accounts that have purchased the same machine we use told us “It would take a person a full week to clean an escalator by hand and the end result was inconsistent and mediocre”. The thankless and difficult job of a cleaning by hand program is usually discontinued very quickly, not too mention some of the damages that some have incurred such as flooding the motor or breaking major components of the escalator.

Please CONTACT one of our service professionals to assist you with your Escalator Cleaning Needs.