dreamstime_1478634The Elevator Contractor:

When the elevator contractors subcontract us to perform our services, they recognize that they’re good hands and find great value our  low cost services. By using our services, it eliminates taking mechanics and helpers or both off of more important jobs that need to be done. Our services help give any elevator shop a better name for having clean accounts, or great first impressions upon landing a new account by using us upon entering their new contract with that building. We are eager to relieve all the elevator shops with the stress of performing our services and lend a helping hand to ensure both ourselves and the elevator contractors look professional.

The Property Management Companies:

When management companies hire us for our services, they know that by using our services it will ensure a smoother process during inspections for fewer violations on cleanliness. Lastly it also increases the value of that equipment and the room itself up. Really good management companies know our services will automatically benefit the condition of the room for years down the road. The most important factor from the inspector’s point of view is really having safe, clean, and appearance friendly rooms.

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