Our Rates

The rates that Casper Elevator Cleaning Services charges save you money down the line from major violations. Our job is to come in and fix the problem usually pertaining to a poor cleaning violation. Most motor rooms, car tops, and pits are very dirty and unsafe. Statistically 1 out of 50 buildings in New York will have these services done. That’s a low percentage of clean elevator motor rooms and hoistways in New York. In the end, it will cost the building more money when problems occur due to all the reasons mentioned here.

Our rates are based off of the average cost of both union and non-union elevator companies as well as union and non-union spray and brush and roller rates. There is no other company like Casper Elevator Cleaning in the area let alone in the continental US to even justify why our rates are very low or to even compare them.

Whether you are the elevator company, or the building management, our prices are designed to be low cost to keep you comfortable and to be able to afford our services for repeat work in many of your buildings. We can assure you that you may not find anyone with better rates than ours that is insured, and recognized by most elevator companies and its organizations.

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