About Us

Why what we do is important?

Our recent interview with a 10 year QEI veteran indicated a need for better housekeeping. Elevator pits, car tops, and most machine rooms were dirty. In the motor room, DC motors and motor generators utilize carbon brushes which throw off carbon dust. This dust infiltrates just about everything and causes the need for constant cleaning and changing of HVAC filters. Excessive build up of carbon dust can create problems with the equipment as well as fire hazards in the motors themselves. The results of the recent interview indicated the need for better housekeeping, good cleaning of the equipment, removing carbon build up, changing of HVAC filters, and good record keeping.

At the initial handover of a new installation, it is an acceptable industry standard for the service provider/contractor to thoroughly clean the elevator machine room, all machine room equipment, hoistway, car exterior surface, all contacts, door interlocks, door tracks, rollers both for the doors and the car and counterweight, elevator pit from all construction debris and dirt. Following acceptance, the service provider/contractor, as part of the elevator contract/agreement, should maintain this level of cleanliness to ensure safety, reliability and longevity of the installation.  Unfortunately, this requirement is all too frequently avoided and or forgotten.

Bottom line is this, most elevator companies just don’t have the time to do what we do, because if they had the time, you wouldn’t be reading this page. We are NOT an elevator maintenance or service company. Our goal is to satisfy the building owners/management, and to carry out the request of the elevator company who called us in to do the job. Our mission is to offer our services by bringing safety to the definition. We are to carry out an excellent job in a professional manor, and passion behind the work.