New Director of Operations

New Director of Operations

It is our pleasure at this time to introduce you to our new Director of Operations Mike Figura. He comes with 35 years of experience in the construction industry. He’s a go getter, he’s pushing our company forward, bringing a lot of team motivation, and has been really pushing us tremendously to explore all our options with our current clients and other relationships, all while we re-build the structure, and create a whole new marketing and sales drive for the company.

Mike is now the eyes and ears of our operation and is who we would like to have working with you in unison with the President, Christopher Carey.

We appreciate any opportunity to further develop our current relationship with you on any and all projects. We will respond to your needs in a timely if not expeditious manor.

We look forward to expanding with you!

Michael Figura
Director of Operations
Casper Elevator & Escalator Cleaning
P.O. Box 4292
Wayne, NJ 07474
Office: 646-783-9053
Fax: 516-723-9056
Cell: 347-782-1226

“Your Elevator & Escalator Cleaning Specialists!”