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New Projects with 100% Client Satisfaction

Casper Elevator Cleaning is now working closely with two new Elevator Companies. We have started the launch of a new timeline of scheduled work for both Eltech Elevator Ind. Inc, and Nouveau Elevator Ind. Inc. Both companies have a long accredited history for giving there services in the elevator industry. Eltech Elevator Ind. Inc: Since 1985, a fully licensed, insured, and bondable elevator contractor that’s Dunn and Bradstreet rated, have been servicing elevators in the New York Metropolitan area. They perform all aspects of elevator service including maintenance, repair, and modernization. Eltech is certified by the NYC DOB to perform all required elevator tests, filings, and violation removals. Also, members of the NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors), ECNY (Elevator Conference of New York) and the EIA (Elevator Industries Association). All their mechanics are members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical workers (IBEW Local #3, Elevator Division) Were going on our 4th year mark of working together and you guys still do very fine and impressive work, will recommend you for any job, we always look forward to working with your company. – Eltech Elevator Ind. Inc. Nouveau Elevator Ind. Inc.: Founded in 1987, is today the largest independent elevator service organization in the metropolitan New York. They have more than 4,000 elevators in their care – including many of the highest demand, high profile environments in the city. They maintain 24X7 office hubs in four crucial city locations, in addition to emergency response dispatch, parts distribution, and their engineering and technical departments in their Brooklyn headquarters. Job was a success, everything was done the way it should be. We will be doing more business with you, Thanks. – Nouveau Elevator Ind. Inc. We can only hope to work with the rest of NY’s & NJ’s finest elevator companies, and property managements. We hope to hear from you all. We look forward for our upcoming days working hand in hand with these two companies and any others that may come about, and thrive to bring success to everything we work on with them. Casper Elevator cleaning is all about teamwork, we are here to help you in every step of the way for your elevator cleaning needs. Are you an Elevator Company, Property or Building Management Company looking to use our services? CLICK HERE to contact us for more details on how Casper Elevator Cleaning can help your...

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